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14 Bolt Caliper Brackets for 05-13 Ford Super Duty Calipers

14 Bolt Caliper Brackets for 05-13 Ford Super Duty Calipers

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Disc brake caliper mounts for 73-88 Gm 14 Bolt rear axle to use 05-13 Ford Super Duty calipers. These are comprised of 2 parts, the main mounting bracket and a spacer plate. The parts are laser cut from 3/8" & 1/2" plate. They require no cutting, welding or drilling for install. These will ship raw and include the brackets only. Satin black powdercoat is an option. 

I'm always looking for a better way to do things and I just didn't like the idea of using the old GM style calipers that are now 50yrs old. They work fine but I wanted something nicer looking and of a newer, better design.

I designed this set for people running a 05+ Super Duty front axle. This way the rear brakes will match the front axle donor truck. They are a 2 piston design with a similar area to the large single piston older GM calipers. I liked these because they are much newer, quite common, readily available in salvage yards and relatively inexpensive at the auto parts, have a far better slide design and most of all look much better on a high end build. 

These will ship raw. This listing has a satin black powdercoat as an option

Includes brackets only.

For Off road use only. 


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