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Bumpstop can aluminum welding slug "Bumpplug"

Bumpstop can aluminum welding slug "Bumpplug"

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Billet machined 3 piece collapsible welding slug. This is designed to be installed into the steel bumpstop can to help prevent the can from shrinking due to weld distortion. 

Other designs on the market are a solid piece of aluminum. Since the slug is a fixed diameter it can get stuck in the can and be difficult to remove.

This 3 piece design features  a 7" long tapered steel pin that sits in a reamed tapered hole. This taper allows the slug to be installed in the can and expanded to fit tight in the bore. Once the welding is complete the pin is knocked out and the slug contracts and will fall out. 

The 2.5' slug is machined to 2.57" Dia prior to being split.

The 2.0" slug is machined to 2.00" Dia Prior to being split. 


Note: These are made to order and have a 10 day leadtime prior to shipping



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