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Quick Remove Stainless Dog Tie-out

Quick Remove Stainless Dog Tie-out

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Quick Remove Stainless steel dog tie-out.

This is a one of kind dog tie out. Do you hate the cheap corkscrew tie-out? Me too!

I looked and looked and didn't find anything that did what I wanted it to so I designed my own.


The center pin is easily removable by simply pulling straight up. Leaving the receiver tube in the ground. There is a spring loaded ball on the shaft that fits a groove in the lower ground tube to keep the pin from coming out accidentally.  The receiver tube only sticks up 3/8" above the ground, so it can easily be driven over when mowing the lawn.  

The swivel has a nylon bushing, and turn effortlessly. No more tangled cables. 

Made from stainless steel so it will never rust. Made in my small shop in Michigan.

This is the last time-out you will ever buy. 

 (I don't keep a lot of these in stock, but I can build and ship in 1 week if out of stock)

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